Finance Professionals Mocked, Made to Feel Small for First Time in Lives


In this week’s New York, Gabe Sherman talks to the other victims of the financial crisis: the rich. Or, the previously rich. One former banker, recently laid off from JPMorgan, describes how he was cruelly mocked at a cocktail party. “Some guy said to me, ‘You work on Wall Street? How’s that working out for you?’ There was a little bit of nastiness there.” Others find themselves the recipients of negative attention just because they like to take a little pride in their personal appearance! “‘You wear a nice suit on the subway, and people look at you,’ the former JPMorgan VP continues. ‘I know it’s not wrong to be an investment banker in New York these days, but I get that feeling. Now anyone who made money on Wall Street has done the American people wrong?’” Enjoy the Schadenfreude, populist hordes. [NYM]