Kelly Killoren Bensimon Will No Longer Be the Face of Saks


Kelly Killoren Bensimon lost her modeling gig with Saks. Kate Moss told Jennifer Hudson she’d get up and dance if Hudson sang “Womanizer” at Topshop’s dinner at Balthazar, but apparently that was not enough of an incentive for Hudson. Meanwhile, André Balazs canoodled with Daphne Guinness, and Anna Wintour, Rosario Dawson, James Blunt, and a kilt-wearing Marc Jacobs were present and accounted for.
Blake Lively could not tear Penn Badgley away from the beer-pong table at Gossip Girl’s wrap party at the Bowery Hotel because he was so “focused on the game.”

Elle Macpherson headed straight from the airport to Serendipity 3 to celebrate a birthday with her sons. Jamie Foxx’s stalker was arrested after entering Foxx’s Philadelphia hotel room, claiming to be Beyoncé’s manager. While Goldman’s bankers are still hanging out at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Merrill Lynch executives, even mid-level ones, are shacking up at the Ritz.

Sarah Jessica Parker saw Sex and the City co-star Cynthia Nixon in Distracted on Tuesday, after missing the show’s opening night. Meanwhile, Ted Turner watched his “pal” Jane Fonda in Broadway’s 33 Variations. J. Lo and Marc Anthony’s marriage might be on the rocks, but they are trying to fix it and may have more kids. Michael Phelps’s mom is writing a tell-all about her son that will cover his DUI arrest and bong-gate. Martha Stewart created her own salad at Chop’t on East 51st Street. Despite Condé Nast’s recent rounds of layoffs, Si Newhouse Jr. added Stephanie Newhouse, his cousin-once-removed-in-law, to the company’s payroll.