Lindsay Lohan Now Fully Banking on Her Breakup


Until her recent confusing breakup with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan couldn’t have possibly scored an interview on the popular Ellen show. She has no upcoming projects to speak of, no major charity projects, and a likability index lower than David Paterson’s. But since the breakup, she made one of the most genuinely surprising celebrity Funny or Die videos we’ve seen in a while, and she’s been on the cover of magazines that portray her — for once — in a sympathetic light. And this afternoon, she’ll speak with Ellen DeGeneres about the breakup on the air. She explains that the breakup completely surprised her, and that it and the restraining order her ex-girlfriend’s family tried to file “came out of nowhere.” “I’ve never done anything to make people assume that I’m dangerous,” she said, not entirely telling the truth. Ellen then tries valiantly to drop some hints to Lohan, explaining that when she went through a painful public breakup that hurt her career, she took a few years off to recover and put herself together before making a splash again. “I’m trying to get my career back in shape,” Lindsay said, ignoring her. Isn’t it obvious? This breakup is the only thing she’s got going for her now. She’s not going to give it up until she gets a Lifetime original movie, or at least a job at that strip joint, out of it.

Lindsay On Ellen: Samantha “Like, Disappeared” And We Split (VIDEO) [HuffPo]