Listening In On the Goldman Sachs 666 Phone Call


My objective is to be the most relevant and comprehensive and cohesive source about Goldman Sachs in the world,” Mike Morgan, the lawyer behind the web site Facts About Goldman Sachs was saying, quite lucidly, when we logged onto the conference call he held this evening to rally volunteers. He added that he’s been contacted by two movie producers since the story of Goldman sending him a cease-and-desist letter made the media rounds this week. “One is working on a movie called The Heist and the other is working on a documentary. It’s not Michael Moore,” he hastened to add. After that, the conversation quickly devolved. Bits we caught: “Goldman Sachs owns Washington.” “Hank Paulson was at Goldman Sachs 32 years. He was born at Goldman Sachs I believe. From like a desk or something. I don’t even think he has a mother or a father.” “I am not a conspiracy theorist.” This was followed by a long story about the Jews wandering the desert, which ended thusly: “If you think I’m a crackpot, you can sign off now.” Ok then. [Goldman Sachs 666]