Madonna Recovering From Hamptons Horse Tumble


After an eventful weekend, Madonna just wanted some alone time. She’d gone to the Hamptons to get some R&R at her friend Steven Klein’s farm, because she’d just suffered the comeuppance of having her application to adopt another Malawian orphan rejected. Unfortunately, just a day into her trip, she had another very public embarrassment — she was thrown from a horse and injured. Paparazzi heard about the incident when an ambulance was called, and, well, you know how that goes. She fled Klein’s house to recover at Gwyneth Paltrow’s house, and ventured out on Sunday to sit by the beach in Amagansett, alone. Where, of course, she was found by a Daily News photographer and reporter. “Are you the guys that spooked my horse?” she asked. (Her rep blamed an invasive paparazzo for startling Madge’s steed and causing the accident. The photographer denies he was even there at the time.) Assured that they were not, she told them that she was feeling “better” and that, really, it was mostly her ego that was bruised. Then, in an unprecedented move, she politely posed for photographs, and even smiled. Without her trademark sunglasses! The woman must have landed directly on her ego, because we haven’t seen humility like that in years.

Madonna ‘Better’ But Ego Is Bruised [NYDN]