Martha Stewart’s Blogging Dogs Got a Book Deal


If you see a homeless person, you give them five dollars,” Isaac Mizrahi observed last night while emceeing the ASPCA’s Rescue Me Gala. “[But] if you see a homeless person with a dog, you give them 50 dollars, you know?” Naturally, we asked everyone else what makes them go above and beyond the call of duty regarding their pets. “I try to be pretty open-minded,” said gala honoree Martha Stewart, discussing her editorial relationship with her French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, and their blog, the Daily Wag. “They’ve wanted to write a few things that are rather, you know, difficult, so I have to turn some things down.” Stewart is adamant that it’s their paws doing the typing: “They tell me what they’re going to write … and I have to approve it.” Fans can also expect an upcoming book from Francesca and Sharkey (yes, that makes us feel even more inferior), featuring advice for pet owners and other pets. Fellow dog enthusiast and Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel takes the anthropomorphizing to another level. “We’re a same-sex marriage at this point,” says Frankel about her dog, Cookie, describing her as “my wife” and “my best prospect at the moment.”