Meghan McCain Gets a Six-Figure Book Deal


Hyperion has reportedly struck a deal in the “high six figures” for a book by Meghan McCain on an as-yet-unknown subject. We know that there are some haters out there who are going to say this is unfair, that Meghan has only written like four essays on the Daily Beast and that some people write on the Internet for like a year and a half without ever hearing from a publisher who wants to pay dearly just for the privilege of immortalizing their glorious thoughts in a hardcover version that will be passed down to generations, and that the only reason Meghan received said book deal is because of who she is, which is a former presidential candidate’s daughter who also happens to be hot. Anyway, we’re just going to preempt those people by saying that is grossly unfair and that those people are just bitter. Meghan is a writer. Her soul-baring account of the difficulty of finding a boyfriend was bracingly original, and she is one of the few people daring enough to pose the question “Is Ann Coulter for real?” We expect great things.

Meghan McCain’s Book Sold to Hyperion For High Six Figures [NYO]