Meghan McCain Just As Surprised by Her Notoriety As Everyone Else


In her latest post for the Daily Beast, Meghan McCain laments her “creepy” Twitter followers, like Karl Rove and her local sheriff, and professes “shock” that Think Progress and the Huffington Post reported on one of her tweets — her response to the latter being, “Hey HuffPo, I am Twittering in bed in my pajamas, wanna report that too?” Right, okay, let’s get this straight: The daughter of one of America’s most well-known politicians works for months to build a reputation as a new voice of the Republican Party, approaching omnipresence through her TV interviews, speeches (like the one to the Log Cabin Republicans on Saturday), and Daily Beast column. She also joins Twitter, the most narcissistic (albeit frequently worthwhile) medium ever created by mankind, the main purpose of which is to share your thoughts instead of keeping them in your head. And then, after inviting and, indeed, striving for this attention, she’s stunned and creeped out that it’s actually worked. Well, somehow, Meghan, it has. You’ve made your bed, and now you have to sleep in it, and tweet from it. And everyone is going to watch.

Karl Rove, Twitter Creep [Daily Beast]