Oh No Sche Didn’t!


As we all know, charmingly corpulent artist Julian Schnabel has had some difficulty selling the remaining units of his Palazzo Chupi. They're expensive, and this is a difficult environment. And Schnabel, we believe, does not want to turn over his babies to any old Joe Hedge Fund. He wants to sell the units to people who will love them as though they gave birth to them themselves. Anyway, it is not, as some have dared to say, because the apartments are ugly.

"The eclectic finishes and design would not appeal to most people," Sofia Kim, vice president of research for StreetEasy, told the real estate magazine The Real Deal.

For schame, Schofia! Someday you will eat your words! Yes, someday. Because we're starting to think Schnabel is going to have to actually die before his Gesamtkunstwerk is appreciated by all of the artless vulgarians. This makes us schad.

UPDATED: Julian Schnabel's Palazzo Chupi Suffers From Downturn (SLIDESHOW) [HuffPo]