Outrage! AIG Executives on Another Retreat!


Are AIG executives on another executive retreat, as the banner above the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, says? After everything. No, actually, it’s just an April Fool’s joke. “We’ve done a banner every April Fool’s Day for years,” the Red Lion’s manager, Bruce Finn, told Daily Intel. “The first year, the owner put up a banner that said ‘Under New Management,’ — that one really got me.” Ha! Last year’s banner proclaimed “Britney Spears, One Night Only!” and the year before, “Welcome, Nudists of America!” “We’re a 238-year-old inn,” Finn said, “so that raised a lot of eyebrows.” Not as many as this year, however: “We’ve had people who drive by, stop in, and act outraged. We usually let them rant a little bit, and then we tell them it’s a joke, and they really enjoy it.”

Here are some of their banners past:

[Via DealBreaker]