Palazzo Chupi for Rent!


Oh, glory be. Finally! In a day brimming over with terrifying pandemic and economy-related news, hope has gaily sashayed into our cubicle like a portly pink elephant. The Wall Street Journal's Developments blog reports the news that Julian Schnabel has decided to make his Palazzo Chupi available to common schlubs like ourselves.

Mr. Schnabel’s two remaining unsold apartments, a top-floor triplex and duplex, are up for rent for $50,000 and $40,000 a month respectively, according to a listing that popped up on, an online real estate listing firm.

Okay, well, not exactly like ourselves. But we're sure the prices will eventually come down to our levels. They'll have to, once the economic exodus and swine flu leave the city empty. Then we shall triumph!

Julian Schnabel Seeking Renters for Palazzo Chupi [Developments/WSJ]