Parker Posey Has a New Man


It seems that Parker Posey’s rumored coupling with Keanu Reeves is over. And thank goodness, because that was kind of freaky. We’re happy to report that we spotted her looking very cozy with dreamy graphic designer and sculptor Scott Lenhardt last night at the Royalton for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Woody Allen’s Whatever Works. It had been a bizarre night to begin with; Evan Rachel Wood literally ran away from us and out of the party with her head in her hands when we said the words, “Hey, two questions … ” (Said a publicist: “I think she was overcrowded.”) And then, as if to warm our wounded heart, we happened upon Parker and her beau, the picture of affection. Their arms and legs kept getting entangled; his hand never left her knee. (We hate ourselves for having noticed this, but it was adorable!) And from our research, Lenhardt seems like a catch. His art subjects are chiefly animals, basketball, snowboarding, and death, which means he’s brooding, has a hot body, and is probably totally cool with Parker’s dog, Gracie, no matter how many times she bites him. Oh, and he designed snowboards for Burton, played bass in a band, and designed an album cover using a “T-shirt, Sculpey, Christmas lights, wood, and acrylic paint.” You can watch him being cute and talented with snowboarder Danny Davis here. At last, a boyfriend worthy of “Jackie-O” Pascal!