Paterson Tells GOP How to Regain Majority


As Democratic schisms continue to hold up a bailout for the cash-strapped MTA, Governor Paterson has turned his hopes to the GOP, which has been more than happy to offer zero support thus far. At a press event in Harlem yesterday, Paterson — who could really use a political victory right about now — suggested that some Republican help in passing the MTA budget could revive the party. “That’s how you get back to being in the majority, not by being negative and hostile,” he said. The man knows of what he speaks — he was the leader of the senate minority himself not too long ago. But guess who wasn’t heeding Paterson’s completely altruistic counsel? Current minority leader and noted Negative Nancy Dean Skelos. “Anybody that would take political advice from a governor with a 19 percent approval rating who is being repudiated by members of his own party should have his head examined,” Skelos said. Whoa, Skelos, is that how you treat people who, out of the goodness of their own hearts, valiantly reach across party lines to reveal highly prized secrets of political success? The man is trying to help you. And that’s a 28 percent approval rating, thank you very much.

Paterson chides GOP over holdup of NY transit deal [AP via Newsday]