Paterson Does Gymnastics, Mocks Everyone at Charity Dinner


Governor Paterson may not have laughed when SNL made fun of his blindness, but he apparently has no qualms skewering other people’s disabilities. At the LCA dinner on Saturday, an annual event held by the Albany press corp featuring humorous appearances by politicians, Paterson portrayed an extremely whiny version of the wheelchair-bound man from those TV ads criticizing health care budget cuts a couple of months ago — while also taking shots at Malcolm Smith, Sheldon Silver, and the Post’s Fred Dicker. Paterson ended the skit with a semi-successful cartwheel that, as Newsday reports, landed him “inches from the edge of the stage.” Thanks to the Daily News’ Elizabeth Benjamin, that moment, and the rest of the four-minute act, has been preserved for posterity. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll puzzle over the obscure inside-Albany references! See it all!

Paterson’s Sight Gag [Daily Politics/NYDN]