Paterson’s ‘Save the Governor’ Retreat


With top New York Democrats reportedly giving David Paterson a deadline of November to turn around his abysmal poll numbers, the governor appears to be getting the message. Paterson this weekend hosted a secret gathering of friends and advisers in what was described as a “Save the Governor” retreat. Details about the meeting are still coming in, but sources say the aim was to map out a comeback strategy. It was a “frank discussion with a smart group of experienced people,” says one source familiar with the meeting. The powwow comes as lawmakers and other political insiders are raising questions about Paterson’s political viability (his approval ratings took big hits over his bumbling Senate-replacement process and the way he’s handled the state budget). While Paterson has insisted he’s running for office next year, Democrats are increasingly nervous about whether he can pull off a victory. The latest polls have Rudy Giuliani, a possible GOP contender, beating Paterson in a landslide. Some are privately suggesting that Paterson step aside for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, whose approval rating is about three times the size of Paterson’s.

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