Peltz Family Help Is Revolting Against Them


Billionaires can be tough customers, and activist investor and billionaire Nelson Peltz and his wife Claudia are apparently some of the toughest, at least according to a harrowing anecdote published by Cityfile last week:

We hear Mrs. Peltz summoned a butler to the master bathroom after she discovered drops of urine on the toilet seat. She demanded the butler clean it up, which he did, although she then insisted that he clean the toilet seat again. And again. It was only after he'd cleaned the seat four times — "once more for luck," she said — that Mrs. Peltz, perhaps detecting some frustration on the butler's part, informed him that she didn't like his attitude and dismissed him. It was Easter Sunday.

After this appeared, some other former employees got in touch with the website to report various other abuses, and now the allegations against them are snowballing: Employees have apparently been yelled at for eating bagels destined for the trash! The couple's daughter is apparently a terror "for whom heaping abuse on the maids, nannies, and butlers has become something of a sport!" Oh, and now their former driver is suing them for wrongful termination, claiming that they fired him soon after he woke up from a coma. It's like being unkind to the help is coming back at them threefold, like in The Craft. Fascinating.

More Trouble for the Peltzes: The Chauffeur Files Suit [Cityfile]