Psychic Hillary Correctly Predicted 3 a.m. Emergency


Perhaps the most memorable TV ad of the presidential campaign was Hillary Clinton’s original “3 a.m.” spot, which raised concerns about Barack Obama’s experience and readiness as commander in chief. The ad became iconic enough to spawn countless spoofs and, ironically, cement 3 a.m. as the time for unexpected emergencies. But little more than two months into Obama’s presidency, it turns out the prediction was absolutely spot-on. Hopefully you’ve heard about this throwback pirate drama by now. Well, guess when Obama got the call alerting him to the surprise crisis? (If you’re thinking anything besides 3 a.m. at this point, for shame.) Now that Hillary’s clairvoyant powers have been revealed, we can only hope she uses them for the good of mankind, and not to bet on future sporting events, as we would surely do, à la Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future: Part II.

Analysis: Hillary warned there’d be days like this [AP via Breitbart]