Rush Limbaugh Told Matt Drudge to ‘Disappear From Public Life’


Blog superpower Matt Drudge isn't just a recluse because he's busy writing his blog, theorizes Gabriel Sherman on; he's deliberately chosen his hermetic existence because he wants to hide his personal proclivities from the world. Or because it's too much work to get out there and be talking all the time. Or because he only likes Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Andrew Breitbart. Or, maybe (and this is our favorite reason), because he listened to the heavy advice a source says Limbaugh once gave him:

One source relayed to me that, a couple of years ago, Limbaugh advised Drudge to disappear from public life. (Limbaugh declined to comment.) Perhaps Limbaugh, whose personal life has received a thorough public airing over the years, understood the toll this could take. Perhaps he was trying to protect a fellow conservative from attack by the left. Or maybe he simply grasped something that now appears very obvious: Matt Drudge owes his power in part to the air of mystery that surrounds him.

This reasoning for why Limbaugh might urge him to lay low makes sense — though it ignores the more obvious conclusion: that Matt Drudge is perhaps the only more important or relied-upon conservative media authority in America than Rush Limbaugh. And as long as Drudge remains in hiding, the radio host doesn't have to face that fact.

Underground Man [TNR]
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