Secret Muslim President Holding Seder in White House


Anyone with older Jewish relatives has been sent enough conspiratorial chain e-mails to know that there’s still an element of mistrust of President Obama among the chosen people. Though exit polls show he won a solid 77 percent of the Jewish vote in November, the looming battles with Israel’s new right-leaning government over Obama’s support for a Palestinian state could erode his standing in, oh, let’s say Palm Beach. So Obama’s decision to take part in a White House Passover Seder tomorrow night — what’s believed to be a presidential first — isn’t just a chance to gorge himself on brisket and matzo-ball soup (educated guesses), it’s also good politics. Obama will welcome his Jewish friends, advisers, and major donors to the meal, but somehow, Michelle Obama’s own rabbi cousin has yet to receive an invite. Oy!

Obama to host Seder Thursday night [Jerusalem Post]