Senior Citizens Spar, Wheelchair Wielded As Weapon


Paul Simone, 85, and Jennie Simone, 78 were married for 28 years. They got divorced in 1997, but they continue to live in the same Staten Island complex. And they still hate each other. Last Friday, Jennie ran into Paul in the lobby. "I ignored him," she told the Post. "He calls me a whore and a lesbian." Then things got physical. Sort of.

Jennie said she was pushing a shopping cart, which came in handy when he started bearing down on her with the wheelchair he has used since suffering a stroke several years ago.

She fended him off until a neighbor came by and he pulled a U-turn and sped back to his apartment.

He came after her in his wheelchair? What, has dude been watching Murderball? This would be a great black comedy, if only it were more funny and less awful.