Finally, Someone Who Will Appreciate Your Dirty Cell-phone Photos


This one time someone sent us a photo of their penis via cell phone. We didn’t recognize the number it came from, or the penis itself, so we called the number, and it turned out that the person who sent it had dialed wrong — the penis picture was intended for another person. They didn’t really seem to want to answer a lot of questions beyond that; maybe they were embarrassed, but then again, they were the sort of person who takes pictures of their penis and sends them via cell phone. And apparently there are a lot of people who do this! So much so that Bushwick art space 3rd Ward is collecting dirty cell-phone pictures for an upcoming exhibit titled “Sex Cells.” “We know everyone’s doing it — so decided to show people how to do it right,” organizer Nikki Bagli tells the Brooklyn Paper, which notes that early submissions include a photo of a man’s crotch, left, titled “Jeans Bulge,” and “An image of a cat posed beside a woman’s vagina.” We’d steer clear of the latter sort of picture unless you want PETA calling you up, but non-animal-related photos should be sent here.

This gallery show is truly celling sex [Brooklyn Paper]