Student Rebels Take Over New School Building, Again


Once again, two groups of student protesters have taken over a New School building near Union Square. According to NY1, the graduate faculty building at 65 Fifth Avenue is now controlled by about 60 students from a group calling themselves "The New School in Exile" and the Radical Student Union.

"Our demand for them to resign is consistent with the faculty's 'no confidence' vote in Bob Kerrey," said student Andy Folk. "That demand was not met. Other demands were met, such as starting a socially-responsible investment committee, which Bob Kerrey is trying to bury in red tape. So, we need to show him by force and civil disobedience that students have a right over the school that they pay money for. This is just a demonstration of students taking back their space."

This is similar to the occupation that occurred in December, during which students sparred with police and eventually chased Bob Kerrey down the street and threw a tomato at him. At the moment, more students are gathering at the intersection of Fifth and 13th Street to check out the action. We'll keep you posted if anything (more) crazy happens.

New School Students Protest University's President [NY1]
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