SUV Drives Out of Third-Story Window in East Village, No One Hurt


A Hertz car-rental attendant on East 13th Street accidentally drove a 2009 Mercedes SUV through a plate-glass window in the lot where he works, plunging three stories and landing on the roof of an adjacent NYU building. Miraculously, neither he nor anybody else was hurt (even more miraculous: The guy who was leasing the car doesn’t appear to be that broken up about it). But this Daily News story raises some questions:

1. Even if you “accidentally” reverse out of a window, which is what the valet claims happened, how are you — at any time — driving with enough speed in an indoor parking lot that you aren’t able to stop? That’s some serious end-of–Ferris Bueller maneuvering we’re talking about.
2. What if some NYU kids had been out on that roof? Sure, the weather’s been bad, but worrying about rain and worrying about a car landing on your head are two totally different concerns when you’re picking where to sneak a cigarette.
3. Why on earth does any parking lot in the city have third-story windows big enough, and without a wall or barrier, that a giant SUV can drive through it??

Parking attendant survives three-story fall in SUV [NYDN]