Swine Flu Both a Blessing and Curse to Actual Swine


The Obama administration has decided to refer to swine flu from now on as H1N1, which isn’t nearly as catchy, but way more accurate. Apparently, while the virus was, at some point in time, a strain of swine influenza, its current mutation is being transmitted via humans, not pigs. The name “swine flu” is a complete misnomer, one that will most likely stick anyway (certainly on this blog), making pigs the scariest they’ve been since that scene in Hannibal when they devoured that guy. But this means different things for different pigs. Since people are unjustifiably afraid of pork products, with nine countries banning Mexican and American imports, many of the pigs we eat are getting a stay of execution right now. Yay! But the pigs we pet are having a worse time. At the Queens Zoo in Flushing, Tabitha, Sabrina, and Barbie are being “ostracized” by wary visitors. The worst part is that the hogs probably think it’s their fault, and will develop unhealthy body images and low self-esteem. Truly, these sad, lonely pigs are the outbreak’s unrecognized victims.

Pork Industry Fights Concerns Over Swine Flu [NYT]