Tax Revolutionaries Foiled by Permit Problems


Today, on tax day, hundreds of “tea parties” are being held in all 50 states to protest government spending and, of course, taxes. Just like the infamous and celebrated Boston Tea Party of the American Revolution, today’s rallies are, in the words of one Fox News correspondent, a “clarion call” that will reverberate throughout the nation. Nothing will stop these colorful anti-government characters from making their voices heard! Nothing! Except, maybe, lacking the necessary permits to carry out their symbolic acts of resistance without breaking municipal code! Yeah! Wait … that doesn’t sound right. But indeed, that’s what happened earlier today, when one million tea bags intended for Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park were reloaded onto trucks because organizers there didn’t have a permit. Touché, government. Touché.

Anti-Tax ‘Tea Party’ Protests Expected Across U.S. [Fox News]