The Obamas Might Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard This Summer!


The Boston Globe is reporting that the Obamas might be renting a house in Martha’s Vineyard during the last two weeks of August, and Daily Intel hears that the house they are renting is specifically in East Chop, which is a really lovely ocean-facing area located near the town of Oak Bluffs. Daily Intel Jessica, a Massachusetts native who has done time as a scooper of ice cream and a nanny of snot-nosed brats on The Island, as the locals call it, would like to offer these two pieces of advice to the traveling Obamas:

1. Never call it Oaks Bluff.
2. The Globe points out, apropos of nothing, of course, that Oak Bluffs “has become something of an African-American enclave” over the years. This is kind of true. Like, sometimes you see Spike Lee. And Oprah. But this is Massachusetts, so everyone still stares at them, and it’s not because they’re famous. It’s because they are really proud of them for being there. You know. Because they overcame. Expect such looks.
3. Be careful of the ice cream at Mad Martha’s. Sometimes bad things happen to it. Unspeakable things. Trust us on this. And have fun at the Ag fair!

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