The Wheatpaste Wars of Downtown Manhattan


Yesterday we mentioned that a group of artists had taken over 120 city billboards this past Saturday and painted over the illegal advertisements on them with glorious original ART. At the time, everyone was hailing it as like a triumph of creativity over commerce and a sign of the enduring artistic spirit and all other kinds of ideological stuff. And it was! For a little while, anyway. Apparently not even 48 hours later, the original advertisers went and re-pasted their posters back on the billboards, slapping their callow consumerist messages right smack over the finely rendered art like it wasn’t even there. What’s especially painful, we think, is that the people employed to wheatpaste the posters up are very likely the same kind of artistic, creatively inclined folk who painted over them. You could even say it’s ironic. And thus, the endless cycle of hipster-on-hipster violence continues.

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