‘There Were Bulls Everywhere


Poor Barry Golden. When he signed up for the U.S. Marshal service, it was to protect America and enforce the law. Now look at him: He’s just, like, Robin Leach in a windbreaker. “There was a lot of bulls in the house … There were bulls everywhere,” the deputy U.S. Marshal, who has taken on the role of official Bernie Madoff décor liaison since the seizure of the Ponzi schemer’s Palm Beach home on Wednesday, told Reuters. “That stood out in my mind. It’s just that there were a lot of statues and pictures and things, bookends and so forth, of bulls.” He drew the line at pontificating on whether the bulls represented bull markets, bullshit, or big balls to Bernie, however. “It’s not my place to comment on what it all means,” he said. Not yet, Barry, not yet. But we expect you’ll be getting a call from HGTV shortly.

Bulls Loom Large In Life Of Wall Street’s Madoff [Reuters]
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