Times CEO Rewarded for a Great Year


The Times has done plenty of reporting these past few months on the compensation of executives at failing Wall Street corporations, but a similar story is unfolding inside its very own easily climbable building. The New York Times Company reported a quarterly loss of $74 million yesterday, and yet its president and CEO, Janet L. Robinson, saw her yearly compensation package bumped up over $1 million from 2007, to a total of $5.58 million, recent SEC filings show. Some reporters at the Times are understandably irked, considering they’ve all been asked to take a 5 percent pay cut. One reporter at the Times-owned Boston Globe — which is facing a complete shutdown unless it comes up with $20 million in savings — expressed his amazement “at the depth and breadth of the hypocrisy here.” Sounds like a perfect topic for a Times editorial.

Bonuses To New York Times Execs Under Fire [HuffPo]