Watch Out! There Might Be a Whale in Your Neighborhood!


Last September we learned that there are a surprising number of whales making a ruckus singing to one another in the waters off of Long Island and New Jersey, close to New York Harbor. But today Gothamist reports that one such whale accidentally wandered closer to the city than usual. As in, it’s in the Hudson. Now, there are probably plenty of reasonable explanations for this. Perhaps the cetacean was merely distracted and innocently lost his way because he was listening to some other whale humming something catchy like “Rhythm of the Night.” (Whales are a few decades behind on pop culture. And they love Debarge.) Or maybe there was some delicious fresh plankton drifting around Governors Island. But both of those theories, when you think about it, seem equally unlikely. Which makes you have to wonder: Whales are smart, and they can communicate with one another. What if they realize we have something here in the city that they want? What’s to stop them from banding together and taking whatever they desire? Look at that picture above — if some whale mugger came up to you and did that, wouldn’t you give it whatever it wanted?

We don’t mean to cause a panic, but we’re already under attack from creatures in the sky. We don’t know whether we can handle an assault from the deep, too.

Whale Spotted in the Hudson! [Gothamist]
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