"Hit Me Up, Gasmaster."


So, um, we happened to be forwarded this M4M Missed Connection on Craigslist today:

my friends and i were eating dinner last night at vynl around 7 and you strolled by our table on the way to the restroom and clearly farted all over us - the smell reminded me of death and also a bit like The Ritz on a Friday night. It lingered at our table and ruined our meal, but you're so hot that I'm willing to overlook this if I can do you in the butt. We smiled at each other (while I was trying not to vomit), so you know who this is. Hit me up if you see this, gas-master.

Even if it is not of the April Fools' variety, we're not sure this is the kind of trick we enjoy.

you cropdusted my table last night at vynl - m4m - 27 (Chelsea) [Craigslist]