We Love Jared Seligman Even More When He Talks


We're beginning to love little Jared Seligman, who, at 22, is already a senior vice-president at Prudential Douglas Elliman. He just tries so hard not to exude the compelling hubris which is no doubt key to his success, but always just fails. This week, Seligman, who skipped college only to find his passion in real estate, talked to the Observer's Max Abelson. Witness this little gem:

Page Six ranked you ahead of Alex Rodriguez on its 'Hottest Bachelors' list.
When I saw that, I was just laughing hysterically. I couldn't believe that, and I had no idea how I made it to that list, or even before A-Rod, which is hysterical. I definitely think he's a more valuable bachelor than I am.

Of course he's a more "valuable" bachelor — he's the highest-paid player in baseball. But note that Seligman said nothing about whether A-Rod was the hotter bachelor.

The subtlety continues:

Were your parents surprised when you didn’t go to college?
Well, I was hired full time at a PR company when I was 17, when I graduated high school — sort of an intern or whatever, but I was working full time.
Why did you leave PR for real estate?
I was very young. I thought I knew a lot more than I did. … I had a long talk with my boss — she kind of decided it wasn’t the best fit. She actually said to me, ‘I have no doubt in my mind in a decade you’ll own a media empire, but right now … ’
Laid off and not in college? Did you have an existential crisis?
Oh, I was distraught. … I was so young, obviously …
Did you meet your future clients through that PR firm?
Funny you should ask — we actually just had a closing this week to my old boss. It was a nice-sized apartment, over a million dollars.

Ha! No megabroker thinks an apartment under two million is "a nice size." That would be like selling your former boss a "nice sized" Prius. Abelson begins, by the end of the interview, to catch on to these little slips:

Your clients reportedly include Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie, Ally Hilfiger, Margherita Missoni, Jessica Stam, Coco Rocha, Caroline Trentini, Hilary Rhoda and Lily Cole. Is that like being stuck in a Bret Easton Ellis novel?

I definitely work with a wide mix of people. It's always funny to see a typical day. It's not uncommon to go from someone very young and with a very interesting profession to a family looking for a place for their kids. At the end of the day, we give the same service to everyone.

Are you using the royal 'we'?
Did I say 'we'?

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