We Spot the Hot Subway Hero in the Wild!


You’d think that, you know, jumping onto the subway tracks to save a stranger’s life might catch a guy a break. The key to the city, perhaps? Maybe even just a job at City Hall with the other heroes? But when we wandered over to the dessert table at the opening-night party for Hair at Gotham Hall Tuesday night, who did we see standing behind a peace-symbol cake — smiling, and gorgeously catering his heart out — but our beloved, adorable Subway Hero Chad Lindsey. “A guy’s got to earn a living,” he said, sheepishly. Lindsey’s off-Broadway play, Kasper Hauser, just closed, and he said he was upset he’d missed the five-hour striking of the set because he was doing a Verizon Wireless commercial he’d booked months ago. “I sort of stand in the background and open a toolbox,” he said. And despite his utterly charming turn on the Rachel Maddow Show, Lindsey says he hasn’t seen an influx of job offers. So he’s going to keep going about his days as if he’s not a totally awesome superhero-like giant walking among mere mortals and, you know, plug away at this acting thing and cater on the side. No shame in that. Just shame on you, producers and casting agents. We’d pay to watch this guy lean against a subway pole for five hours. Get on it!