Webster Hall: Where Human Contact Goes to Die


As many a geek might attest, being a master of online social networking doesn't necessarily make it any easier for some folks to be, well, social. Enter Brian August, a 47-year-old who has spent a good deal of time transforming Webster Hall into an internerd hot spot. He outlines his terrifying vision for the Observer:

"'How about a live Twitter-like feed on a screen — you’re sitting next to her, and you’re both looking at the screen; it’s easy to use your geekness.' He pulled his pink BlackBerry from his pocket to mime punching in a text message. 'Say, ‘Hey you, in the pink skirt — meet me at the bar in the Marlin room and I’ll buy you a martini.'"

So the idea is to avoid face-to-face interaction during a situation one has ostensibly put oneself into in order to experience that very sort of human contact? There's some sort of apocalyptic paradox going on here, but we're too depressed to articulate it.

The Dance Club for Nerds [NYO]