What Is Bono Talking About in His Latest Op-ed?


Okay, we’re just going to say it: Bono’s op-eds in the Times make no sense. At first we thought it was us, and that our ADD was preventing us from really concentrating on them, as with Joyce. But when we read yesterday’s column (Title: “It’s 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?”) once again, our brain ground to a halt: “Commerce has been overheating markets and climates … the sooty skies of the industrial revolution have changed scale and location, but now melt ice caps and make the seas boil in the time of technological revolution.” What? Also, the entire thing — what is it about? We’re actually kind of curious, but every time we look at it everything goes black. Daily Intel will send a copy of Tatiana Boncampagni’s Hedge Fund Wives to anyone who can explain in 25 words or less. [NYT]