What’s Behind the Wall?


CNN did a quick piece yesterday on a fascinating and idiosyncratic project going on in Brooklyn: Bob Diamond’s near-three-decade quest to knock down a wall underneath Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill, in what is thought to be the oldest subway tunnel in the world. Diamond discovered the tunnel in 1981, and after exploration, came to believe there’s an old steam locomotive trapped behind the wall — one that he’s convinced contains the pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary that list his co-conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (we’re a little unclear on that part). A documentary is being made of Diamond’s attempt to get both permission and help to knock down the wall. If you liked National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or even just Goonies, you should check all of this out.

’What’s Behind the Wall?’ Atlantic Ave. Tunnel Mystery Picks Up Steam With CNN Coverage [McBrooklyn (Contains many helpful links to the backstory of all this)]