When Stealing From Your Housemate, Go for Only the Small Objects


Elyjah Paisley thought he had a great thing going on. There was all this loot, ripe for the picking, in his own house! All the 20-year-old Canarsie resident had to do was wait until the middle-aged boarder who lived with his family went on a business trip, and then he could steal the guy’s electronics and blame it on a random burglar. So last month, when the guy went away, Paisley systematically stole his refrigerator, heater, DVD player, TV, radio, and air conditioner. It was genius! Best plan ever.

Until, of course, the boarder came home, wondered where his stuff went, and then looked in Paisley’s unlocked bedroom. Somehow, it was hard to miss all of those large objects sitting in the room. Even the best-laid plans