Why Does Obama Hate New York?


If the White House’s unpleasant 9/11 reenactment weren’t enough of a reason to suspect that President Obama has it in for New York, how about the fact that in his first hundred days he’s never once visited here, despite us being exponentially more awesome than any place in Iowa or Indiana or North Carolina could ever hope to be? It’s outrageous! True, the perpetually campaigning Obama has mostly concentrated his time on swing states, which New York most definitely isn’t — and, idiotic plane fiascoes or not, never will be anytime soon. And, as one financial type points out, it was Wall Street that made Obama’s life a horrible nightmare by ruining the economy. Not to mention that all the money the New York area donated to him during the election, $40.8 million, is pretty much gone, owing to the same collapse. Actually, yeah, we don’t really blame him.

Barack Obama has not come to New York as President; has visited 10 states [NYDN]