Will Obama Snub Fox Tonight?


Last week, Fox announced it had decided to air an episode of Lie to Me instead of President Obama’s third prime-time press conference (8 p.m. tonight), the first network to make such a decision for this administration — though it will carry the event on Fox News and Fox Business. True, his previous pressers were kind of boring, and Fox, like all the networks, is tired of losing ad revenue whenever Obama wants to chat. But still, this is Obama’s 100th day in office, a super-special milestone! Will Obama punish Fox by ignoring correspondent Major Garrett (whom he called on during his first two prime-time pressers), and risk looking petty and vindictive? Or will he let him ask a question anyway, opening the door for other networks to ignore Obama next time around? Or will he not even consider these scenarios, despite the fact that everyone will scrutinize his decision regardless?