You Think Glenn Beck With Gasoline Is Scary? Try Glenn Beck With Blood


Weepy anchor Glenn Beck’s use of bizarre props to illustrate his points was getting out of control long before he emptied a canister of fake gasoline on a staffer — and it’s been slowly driving his handlers insane. Left out of our encounter with Beck last week was the monologue of one such handler: “I walk into the studio and he has a pouch filled with red liquid on his desk. It seriously looked like blood. A pint or so. I assumed he was going to use it as a metaphor for how, I don’t know, the government is bleeding people dry or something.” The pouch ended up lying there unused for the duration of the broadcast, creeping out the crew. We chuckled at this, and then we remembered Beck’s earlier answer to our own innocent question — “What’s your drink?”: “As a conservative, I guess it’s what you’d expect: I drink the blood of small people who are different than me.”

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