Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Face Scarred on Long Island


The Most Perfect Porcelain Face in the World suffered a crack today when Angelina Jolie was injured on the Long Island set of her film Salt. According to TMZ, during a stunt she hit her head, earning herself "some sort of nick in between her eyes. She bled a bit and was taken to the hospital." This was the official statement from the production company:

"This morning while filming an action sequence ... Angelina Jolie sustained a minor injury. As a precautionary measure, Ms. Jolie will be taken to the hospital and examined. Production on the film has resumed."

Her agent's reaction was that she would "be fine." Our reaction is: "OH MY GOD ANGELINA JOLIE IS BLEEDING FROM THE FACE." Even though we've never thought Angelina was all that interesting, the entirety of her upper body is still clearly a national treasure. Or, then again, our reaction might just stem from the fact that we watch the secretly awesome TV show Harper's Island, and remember all too well what happened with the chandelier and the "head spade" at the beginning of the last episode. Our horror-imagery meter has been out of scale all week.

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