Astor Lawyer Mostly Concerned That Prosecutor Will Get More Media Attention Than Him


Thomas Puccio — the celebrity lawyer representing estates lawyer Francis Morrissey, Anthony's Marshall's co-defendant against charges of swindling his mother, Brooke Astor, — used what the Times once described as his "quintessential combative New York" style in laying into Barbara Walters on the stand yesterday, needling her about how she hadn't seen her good friend Mrs. Astor for five years when she died, and otherwise accusing her of being a fair-weather friend. The reason for his petulance was evident:

"Any chance Ms. Loewy is going to be on 'The View' next week?" — that being prosecutor Elizabeth Loewy, who had conducted the direct examination.

"Did you ask me if she is going to be on 'The View?' " Walters said, angrily. "Are we serious? No."

Apparently Puccio hasn't had enough attention since the golden days, when he became a media star after winning the acquittal of Claus von Bulow, who was accused of trying to murder his wife. But with all due respect to Puccio, this is not the way to get it. You don't want to piss off Barbara. Look what happened to Star Jones!

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