Bloomberg: Questions About Term Limits Are Disgraceful


Last fall, Mayor Bloomberg claimed that his push to revise the city’s term limits was predicated on his desire to shepherd New York through the economic collapse. Now, not that we’re home free, but the economy seems to be turning a corner and the recession approaching its eventual end — progress Bloomberg trumpeted at his press conference yesterday. But when Observer reporter Azi Paybarah tried to ask the mayor whether that means the justification for his third term was oversold, Hizzoner snapped, cutting him off before he could finish. “Why don’t we just get serious questions here,” he said, visibly agitated. Moments later the press conference was over, but before exiting, Bloomberg leaned over to Paybarah and whispered, “You’re a disgrace.” The mayor’s spokesman later called Paybarah to apologize. Which is all well and good. But how about answering the question?

Bloomberg, Term Limits and the State of the Economy [NYO]