Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston ‘Is a Part’ of Baby Tripp’s Life


Teen mother Bristol Palin, daughter of former Republican vice-presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin, went on the Today show this morning to plug her participation as Teen Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation. She’ll appear in a town hall later today urging her peers to take every possible step to avoid teen pregnancy. When asked by Matt Lauer whether her baby Tripp was a mistake, Bristol hastened to say he “is a blessing.” (Later, her father, Todd Palin, seated beside her, referred to Tripp as “the mistake she had here.”) “I’m just out here trying to tell teens that this is hard work, it’s a real job, it’s a 24-hour-a-day job,” Bristol explained, with the sleeping baby in her lap. “It’s not just an accessory on your hip, it’s hard work.” Though she hesitated to talk about her personal life, she said that she’d love for her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston to be a part of his son Tripp’s life. When pressed by Lauer, Todd said the pair were working out a schedule (Bristol plans to begin taking college classes soon) and Bristol said that Levi was already “a part of his life.” We must say, the young woman didn’t offer up a ton of information, but her simple, thoughtful answers to the Today show host’s questions really made us wonder where she learned to be so composed and prepared. It certainly wasn’t from her parents.

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