Brooke Astor Failed to Recognize World's Most Famous Face


The prosecution's attempts to present Brooke Astor's failure to recognize celebrities as an indication of her senility has been somewhat unconvincing thus far. That she confused Michael Douglas with his father, Kirk, isn't that weird — hell, our own parents usually call us by the name of every other sibling before they land on the right one. And so what if she didn't recognize Matthew Broderick? Dude has aged some since Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Brooke's favorite movie). But yesterday's admission that Mrs. Astor didn't recognize a certain "world-famous face," that of a certain "exuberantly coifed, highly recognizable editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair," according to the Post, is especially notable:

a clear sign, prosecutors will argue, that the Alzheimer's-afflicted Astor was by then ripe for swindling by her own son, defendant Anthony Marshall."

There you go. Prosecution wins. As does Graydon Carter, who has now been officially deemed more famous than anyone in Hollywood, ever.

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