Chace Crawford’s Footloose Won’t Include the Legendary Warehouse Gymnastics Scene


Chace Crawford’s man bangs, the locks that blocked a thousand thoughts on Gossip Girl, will be bouncing and flopping through most of the remake of the movie Footloose — but they won’t fly through the air like Kevin Bacon’s skyscraper bangs did in the original. Crawford told Entertainment Weekly scribe Tim Stack he didn’t think the gymnastics scene in the warehouse was going to make it into the new version. “I’ve got some movement in me, but I’m not a dancer,” he said. “I need to start stretching now.” (Bless him — those beautiful bangs also clearly block his vision, such that he can’t see that half of that original scene was performed by someone who was obviously not Kevin Bacon.) Crawford, who is reportedly dating his 19-year-old Twelve co-star Esti Ginzburg, will have to sing, though. According to producers, the hit songs from the old movie, and new ones, will be sung. “It’s not really a burst-into-song musical,” explains Neil Meron, who also produced Hairspray. “Any songs that are sung are coming out of an organic place.” Oh, good. We can’t wait for this — a movie about a heterosexual guy who saves an entire conservative Midwestern town through his irrepressible singing and dancing, and it’s going to be organic.

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