Charlene Marshall Complained About Brooke Astor’s Longevity


Isn't it a pain in the ass when the rich matriarch whose family you married into just won't die already? That's what Charlene Marshall complained about in 2001, according to the testimony of the social secretary to her mother-in-law, Brooke Astor. Birgit Darby testified the following, in a statement that was read today in court:

"[Brooke] is killing him. She's f----- killing him," Charlene Marshall said in September 2001 of the possibility of her mother-in-law outliving her husband Anthony Marshall. "If [Marshall] dies before I do, I get nothing."

Pretty damning, when you get down to what might have motivated Marshall to allegedly scam his mother out of her own money, which is what the whole trial is about. In fact, according to the Post, Charlene couldn't sit still when the testimony was being read. She kept shooting up in her seat and shouting, "It's wrong!" Sadly for prosecutors, the judge decided that the testimony was immaterial to the case, and the jury will never hear it. "It doesn't matter," she crowed to her elderly husband after the ruling. "It's out!"