Departing CEO Edward Liddy Recommends AIG Hire Someone Who’s Going to Stick Around


The search has begun for a masochist executive to replace Edward Liddy, who came out of retirement to step in as CEO and chairman of beleaguered insurance giant AIG back in September and is now creeping back to it after somewhat rocky ride. In an interview with Reuters this week, Liddy described the sort of person he thought should replace him:

Liddy said he expected the person picked as chairman to be someone familiar with the workings of government, while the CEO post should go to someone willing to commit up to five years to the job.

Right? Like, they wouldn't want to hire some guy who would just waltz into the company for like eight months, and then be like "I'm out of here" when things get a little heavy. They deserve someone who cares about them. Someone who's man enough to stick around when times get tough. Who's going to wake up every morning excited to see them, and say, like, "Hey, I wonder what exciting new adventure AIG is going to bring me today?" Who's going to do the dishes because they want to do the dishes. AIG needs a man who is mature enough to commit to a long-term relationship. Maybe even sign a contract or something, Liddy doesn't know. All he knows is that it's time for AIG to go away from his window, go away at its chosen speed, because it ain't him, babe.

UPDATE 2-AIG's search for new CEO led by director Dammerman [Reuters]