Eric Dinallo Weighing AG Run


State insurance superintendent Eric Dinallo, a Democrat, has his hands full trying to keep the state’s financial system together. But lately he’s had his eye on another goal, says a source close to him. He’s strongly considering a run for state attorney general. Dinallo, a highly effective henchman to Eliot Spitzer while he was AG, was appointed to his current role by the former governor and kept on by Paterson. It was reported that he was near the front of the line to head the SEC if Obama won the election, but that didn’t pan out. We left a message with Dinallo regarding his plans, and will let you know if and when he comments. In the meantime, we can all go back to the official story, which is that next year Andrew Cuomo is running for attorney general again, not for governor, and therefore Democrats need not apply.

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