Even Other NFL Players Are Making Fun of Brett Favre Now


To most of us, Brett Favre’s constant retirements and un-retirements and re-retirements became a joke some time ago. And now even fellow members of the Fraternity of Professional Football Players are openly mocking him in public. Witness video of Giants offensive tackle David Diehl at Wednesday night’s “12 Angry Mascots” show at Comix. In the clip, Diehl — playing Favre and wearing a Packers hat — has trouble deciding on an entrée, changing his mind several times before finally settling on a choice. Then he swaps the Packers hat for a Jets one, and changes his mind again. (He also filled in on a bit for Nate Robinson, who had to cancel, and got in some shots at Bill Belichick and Boston fans in general.) Granted, it’s not exactly UCB-level comedy, but that’s probably just because all the good Favre jokes have already been taken.

New York Giants’ David Diehl pokes fun at Brett Favre in comedy club debut [NJ.com]
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